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Gans studio has completed a series of single family residences built in Maine, Connecticut and New York State, and a variety of commercial projects restaurants and apartments in New York.

Their continuing focus on emergent forms of social practice includes alternative and transitional forms of housing, and graphic guidelines and a school desk for The School Construction Authority of New York. With James Dart Architects, they executed a community based planning and design project for New Orleans East funded by HUD and slated to culminate in the construction of 150 houses.

Current work includes a master plan for The Graham School in Hastings-on-Hudson New York that involves the construction of several new dormitories and a cafeteria and campus center . October 2010 is the dedication of rose window for The Museum at Eldridge Street, New York that is a collaboration between Kiki Smith and Deborah Gans.

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Image Credit: Proposal, Queens Plaza Competition, 2004